Lg 220 V Electric Clothes Dryer, Compact, 24″ Wide, Condensed , Warranty.

Apartment size, compact, only 231/2″ condensed( not needs in outside vent) dryer, stainless steel( real one , not chrome plated, approx. 4 cubic feet drum. Easy fits under your counter. Electric, 220 volt. Relatively new, 2015 year. Ranked as one of the best among dryers in 2016 and 2017 year. Need a special 220 v outlet. Many houses have them already in basement.
 I disassembled this dryer, cleaned and checked all main components. Now, it is safe for your family to use. No any smell from, no dust, no lint. All elements are in good, if not in perfect condition. Motor, belt, other components are in good order. Given you a warranty, 6 months, if buying for listed price. Will replace , or fix only in case of any problems , which I doubted would arise. After that, will technically support and help to fix it. Located in Garden City South, would deliver this dryer to Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx for additional $50 paying( upfront only)   thru PayPal.

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Location: Garden City, New York 11530
Current Price: $350.00
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